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Sunday 5 March 2006

The Original Camera-Phone Gallery

We launched PhoneBin 3 years ago today with this tiny article in The Daily Mirror (UK). Thanks Amy Vickers! It seems a lot of people read it and PhoneBin soon made it's way into loads of press and onto loads of websites across the world...

"Site of the day. Here's a use for your camera phone snaps - stick them on a website and show them off to the world. Best of all it's free."

It's been a fantastic three years, and at the time of writing we've received 51,934 photos!

We've watched loads of clones and copy-cat sites come and go. And lots of sites claim they were the first - but they know!

Thank you to everyone who has helped in the creation and the day to day running of PhoneBin. And all the people who have contributed over the years - we love PhoneBin and look forward to the next 3 years...

Shibby, Brian

Friday 27 January 2006

Why do these things always happen on a Friday?

We've buggered up the WAP site! We are working to fix it, should be working later today or hangover permitting, first thing tomorrow... [ADDITIONAL: Jedi is well drunk, it'll have to be tomorrow (he currently couldn't spell WAP)]

The PhoneBinX WAP site is working fine!

Shibby, Brian

Right, to the pub then.........

[ADDITIONAL: It's fixed!! - And if you haven't clicked on my crap drawing it's totally worth it :) ]

Wednesday 25 January 2006

PhoneBinX has gone WAP!

We've built a sister site to the world famous PhoneBin WAP site.

Keep your eye on PhoneBinX from your mobile phone. Great for long train journeys, boring meetings or to impress your friends. You can browse the main gallery or check out the individual sections; Females, Males & Couples.

Point your mobile phone browser at and don't forget to bookmark the site. (PhoneBinX subscription required).

Shibby, Brian

Thursday 5 January 2006

PhoneBin Video

First off, happy new year! And good news, construction on PhoneBin Video is well underway - a WAP version and a web version will be launched soon. But we need videos from lots of different phones and networks to test it. So if you've taken a video on your phone please send it to us at - Click here for more details

Thank you, Brian

Wednesday 14 December 2005

PhoneBin Christmas List

Dear Santa,

Lets face it, we haven't been good boys and girls over the past year - as well as creating a porn site / community, we've been drunk and disorderly, late for every meeting and accumulated about a million unpaid parking tickets... but what we want is:

Christmasy photos (Snowy days, heavily decorated houses, cool presents, drunk Santas, something involving stockings...)
Extreme beer photos (A beer up a tree? A pint in the ornamental fountain? Something better?)
Oh, and Liney would like a photo of a rude snowman!

Yours Shibbily, The PhoneBin Crew

Friday 9 December 2005

Happy Xmas - 7 Free days on PhoneBinX

As a Xmas present we're giving away 7 EXTRA FREE DAYS to anyone who has a subscription on the 25th December. If you combine that with the re-launch offer it works out at about 13 cents (7 pence) a day - so if you've hovered over the Join Button, NOW is the time to click it...

Oh, and we have some cool new black t-shirts in the PhoneBin Shop

Wednesday 30 November 2005

3 years ago today... and my brother Jedi were walking out of a south London pub, when all of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon in the middle of the road, and he said: "make the best website in the world or I'll eat your soul". So we made the first thing thing that came to our heads, just so happened to beeee, the best site in the world, it was the best site in the wooorrld...

Or at least that's the way I remember it. By the 5th December 2002 we had a working prototype (It took us 3 months to complete and launch the site). Who'd have thought that 3 years and 40,000 photos later we'd still be here and going from strength to strength? - So a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted photos and comments, and the people that just turn up for a sneaky look!!

There are a few changes on the site; It's now written in cfm/xhtml (?), we've rewritten the copy and rationalized the navigation.

My favorite bit is the new flyers, please feel free to print them out and leave them in your local bar, on campus, on the bus, at the party - PhoneBin needs you!

...and the peculiar thing is this my friends: the site we made on that fateful night didn't actually look anything like this one, this is just a tribute!!

Shibby, Brian

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